Dear Colleagues,
I cordially invite you to the Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute (IPP – NRI), to be held on February 16–18, 2022 in Poznań. We plan to kick off the event with a grand opening on February 16, 2022 at 10:00 in the IPP – NRI Congress Center. Due to Covid restrictions, we have opted for a hybrid format, which we hope will meet the expectations of all participants.

The main theme of the conference: "The European Green Deal and the Future of Plant Protection", is a direct reference to the European Union’s new development strategy, which sets out to achieve climate neutrality across the Union by 2050. Along the road towards accomplishing this highly ambitious goal, various sectors of the economy, including agriculture, will inevitably encounter serious challenges.

The European Green Deal dedicates two complementary strategies: Farm to Fork and Biodiversity, to agriculture. Both form a key part of the envisioned transformation. Their primary goal is to make agriculture sustainable, reduce reliance on pesticides and fertilizers, boost the production of healthy food and protect the environment. As this course of action in agriculture is bound to define the near future of plant protection in Poland, the Conference has been focused on issues linked directly to the rollout of EU strategies. We plan to tackle a wide selection of topics ranging from plant protection in organic farming to the use of biological methods, the development of pest resistance to plant protection products to precision farming and the use of digital and robotic technologies in plant protection. These are just some of the slew of themes featured in the agenda of the 62nd Scientific Session of IPP – NRI.

Needless to say, we would be delighted, as always, to have you showcase your research in a presentation and poster sessions and/or any of the thematic panels which, as in the years prior, will be held on the conference sidelines and which invariably attract a great deal of interest from the participants.

Although the pandemic does not make the work of the organizers any easier, we intend to make every effort to ensure that the Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session of the IPP – NRI delivers superior scientific value and provides an opportunity to share the latest research findings, confront and discuss them with practitioners, be inspired to take on new challenges and network.

We also encourage you to publish the research findings presented at the Conference in the journals of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute, i.e. The Journal of Plant Protection Research and Progress in Plant Protection.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizational Committee
Acting Director of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute

Important dates

  • 26.10.2021 r.Opening of the online registration – application form available on the website

  • 07.01.2022 r.Deadline for abstracts submissions

  • 12.01.2022 r.Acceptance of submitted papers / posters

  • 17.01.2022 r.Publication of the online session programme

  • 01.02.2022 r.Deadline for sending posters.

  • 16–18.02.2022 r.Plant Protection Conference – 62th Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI


Conference programme
Download the program:
Plant Protection Conference – important changes.
Due to Covid-19 resurgence, the organizers have opted to hold the event fully in the virtual mode.

We would like to inform that the deadline for abstracts submission to the Plant Protection Conference – 62nd Scientific Session of the IPP – NRI was moved to 7 January 2021.
We invite you to read the first announcement of 62th Scientific Session of the Institute of Plant Protection – NRI

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